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Investors! Come & meet the next big things in impact innovation!

From fields such as food waste reduction, transforming plastic into low-carbon building products to building nature-related intelligence gathering – all of the ventures on our Accelerator Challenge are addressing global challenges in innovative ways. And we want you to meet them!

We’ve been working in partnership with BRAN Investments to deliver 3 months’ of support and mentoring since November, when we welcomed the 12 exciting ventures onto the programme.

Having worked through 3 phases over the course of the challenge they will now come together at our demo day, where they will present to a collective of investors, funders, influencers and others from across the impact space. Come and hear them pitch their products and solutions, and network with them and the wider team.


Who this event is for

If you are an investor, venture capitalist or angel looking to invest in business as a force for good, get your ticket booked today! We’re also welcoming tech for good junkies, strategic partners and anyone interested in the impact space who would like to meet those creating a positive change.

Meet the start-ups creating change

  • Beanbag Health – providing accessible, high quality and evidence informed support for all eating disorders and reducing inpatient admissions.
  • In Good Company – a dedicated platform to help you find the best ethical and for-good local businesses and experiences around you.
  • Mind Data – a digital platform simplifying the way therapists run their business, whilst transforming the therapy experience for their clients.
  • The Nature Impact – building nature related intelligence: supporting governments and organisations to understand and mitigate their nature-related impacts.
  • Snack Gusto – an award-winning ethical focused company that uses farm rejected fruits to produce delicious snacks that are healthy alternatives to the general snack market, all the while reducing food waste and improving consumer wellbeing.
  • SuperFi – empowering the ‘financially squeezed’; helping them to locate, manage and reduce their debts faster.
  • Telmi – a podcast creation app for kids to create mini podcasts independently, in a meaningful and safe way to boost their creativity, confidence and oral communication.  
  • Well Fruited – the first liquid fruit drink that nutritionally replicates eating a piece of fruit, which reduces the sugar impact and captures more nutrients.
  • Plant Nourish – delivering personalised ethnicity and disease-specific solutions so that no matter who you are, what you earn or where you live, you have access to the best, most innovative care available globally today.
  • New Wave Biotech – addressing the sustainability of the food industry and food security, by developing technology to help animal-free proteins scale and reach price parity with animal-derived products.
  • Circular 11 – transforming plastic pollution into a material solution. Taking unrecyclable plastic and turning it into low-carbon building products designed to last a lifetime.
  • Lylo – promoting water efficiency by offering products that find new and innovative ways to reuse water.

Join us on 2nd February 2023 to hear from the founders of these amazing start-ups as they pitch for investments, partnerships and strategic relationships to accelerate their impact.

More details and to book, click here.