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Eco-friendly femcare products that are affordable and accessible

What impact is Flo making?

We make natural, organic and sustainable feminine care products that are effective and affordable, while using profit to give back to women in need through charities like Orchid Project, who work to end female genital cutting (FGM).

What inspired you to start Flo?

We wanted to start a business that gave back to women, but was also cool. The UK market was lacking organic feminine care products, so we wanted to make them more accessible.

How has the ‘Grow Your Business Programme’ helped you?

It was great to be part of a community of small businesses, and to learn from people who are going through similar things. We had great support from our business mentor, who introduced us to many valuable connections, some of whom have invested in us.

How has Flo grown?

Our sales have more than doubled since we started trading, and we have launched more products. We are now listed with national retailers such as Ocado and WH Smith Travel.

“Allia was a wonderful support, both as a source of business expertise and by being part of a community of like-minded small businesses”