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AgriInsight has developed a life-changing resource for African smallholder farmers so that they can save on costs and selling prices. The online trading and analytics company has created a platform that enables visualisation, management and sharing of agricultural data.

What impact is AGRIinsight making?

The platform is a life changing resource for smallholder farmers in Sub Saharan Africa, enabling them to save significantly on costs and increase their selling prices. By collating more data this provides better knowledge and information to farmers who have no voice, and contributes towards greater food security and wide reaching socio-economic change.

How has the Serious Impact programme helped you?

The Allia Serious Impact programme has given access to AGRIinsight with business mentors, who have supported them through some of the technical and business challenges that startups face. Making networks and partnerships within the Future Business Centre has been fundamental in AGRIinsight’s success. Being in the centre has opened up many opportunities, including another organisation in the building taking an equity stake in AGRIinsight.

“The mentors question your business and finance plan, whether you are marketing in the right way and in the right market. At the end you are on a clear path and know your objectives.”