Case study: Fastest selling Retail Charity Bond for Dolphin Living

Flexible finance for affordable housing in London

Dolphin Living is a London-based housing charity that provides affordable homes for working Londoners on modest incomes. It has 600 homes in and around the central London area of Westminster, with a further 196 properties in construction or being developed. In June 2017, the Retail Charity Bond for Dolphin Living was launched – with the offer closing early, raising £25 million in just one day. The bond is the fifth to be issued through Allia's Retail Charity Bonds platform, taking the total raised to date to £116 million. Allia designed Retail Charity Bonds to make it easier and more affordable for charitable organisations to raise simple finance through bonds listed on London Stock Exchange.

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“A Retail Charity Bond offered more flexibility than traditional mortgage finance, and enables us to manage our property and investments more effectively. The bond was ideal because it enabled us to enter the mainstream financial market and benefit from Allia's expertise and track record throughout the process.”

Olivia Harris, Chief Executive of Dolphin Living

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