Helping people make positive impact

Allia is a charity that supports social ventures – people and organisations that are dedicated to making a positive social impact. We provide business support, work space and finance solutions to help social ventures start up, grow and create social benefit… more

  • Affordable workspace, a community of like-minded organisations and entrepreneurial inspiration for start-ups, early stage business and future business leaders… more
  • Retail Charity Bonds. Listed on London Stock Exchange. Loan finance for charities from ethical retail investors… more
  • Targeted business support for people and businesses who are passionate about making a positive social or environmental impact… more
  • Support for ambitious entrepreneurs, helping them to fulfil their potential, grow their business and make a positive impact for people or the planet… more




  • “At long last: financial engineering to be proud of.”

    Andrew Hill Associate Editor, FT
  • “The Charitable Bond lets us put a proportion of our cash reserves to good use at modest cost and minimal risk.”

    Gerald Avison Chairman, TTP Group plc
  • “The Charitable Bond is essentially a simple idea but a powerful tool for enabling capital to be harnessed for social benefit.”

    Stuart Popham