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Investor appropriateness

It’s nearly one year since the issue of the St John’s School Bond 2017, and work is well underway on the development of the new indoor sports complex.  We’re pleased to say that the first St John’s social impact report for bondholders is now available, providing an update on the project’s progression and also other activities that are benefiting the school’s students and the wider community. The report and the financial statement are available to download below. Social Impact Report Financial Statement

Allia Impact Investments is a trading name of Allia Social Impact Investments Limited, a community benefit society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 ( No. 32151R). As such the Issuer is permitted to offer and issue certain bonds to the public in the United Kingdom based on the exemption under the Financial Services and Markets Act ( section 85(5) and Schedule 11A).