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St John's School Bond 2017

The St John’s School Bond 2017 gave investors the opportunity to invest in the development of St John’s School.

The minimum investment in the Bonds was £1,000. Bondholders were able to choose a return of up to 3.25% a year on their investment, to be repaid in 2022 on the fifth anniversary of the issue date.

For the latest news and updates on the St John’s School Bond and development, click here.

“Participation in sport is a cornerstone of a St John’s education; it helps our pupils learn about teamwork, camaraderie, self-discipline and leadership. As the School has grown in size we have expanded the number of sports we offer and we have invested in expert coaches. So the time is right to move forward with modern facilities designed to inspire and develop the talents of our pupils.”

Martin Collier, Head

Allia Impact Investments is a trading name of Allia Social Impact Investments Limited, a community benefit society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 ( No. 32151R). As such the Issuer is permitted to offer and issue certain bonds to the public in the United Kingdom based on the exemption under the Financial Services and Markets Act ( section 85(5) and Schedule 11A).