Social innovation and development

We believe that social issues such as the lack of affordable housing, our ageing population and the lack of opportunity for many young people are among the most pressing challenges facing our society today. To address these challenges, we need innovative ideas and the business acumen to deliver them.

What we do

We identify innovative solutions to social problems and seek out the people to deliver them. We then nurture them by providing ideas incubation, support and access to finance. Allia have a wide range of skills, talent and experience within the field of social and environmental enterprise to draw on.  Let us know if you would like to get involved as a partner or if you would be interested in backing or funding an innovative scheme

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Our plans in development

Future Business Centres in new locations

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Our Allia Future Business Centres are the UK’s leading space for impact entrepreneurs. With centres in Cambridge, London and Peterborough; Allia offers nearly 100,000sqft of space supporting impact entrepreneurs with over 600 ventures supported across a variety of sectors. We think there are many more cities and towns that need a Future Business Centre and are currently working on developing centres in other UK cities.

Tackling the shortage of affordable housing

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The lack of affordable housing around the country seems like a problem with no easy solution. We are currently working with a large city council on an innovative housing project to create affordable homes which are environmentally sustainable and at the same time develops the skills of unemployed people in the city. If you would like to talk to us about starting a project in your local area, get in touch.

Care and livability solutions for older people

With an ageing population, a crisis in the provision of social care and a shortage of suitable accommodation for older people, we believe there needs to be some innovative thinking to create a better and more sustainable way for people to continue to enjoy an independent old age. Read more about our research project to speed up and create a strong economic case for the adoption of silver economy innovations to help older people retain their independence for longer.

Community Challenges and Community Development Projects

We have enabled local communities to tackle social issues through our Serious Impact ‘Community Challenges’ that bring together local people to address problems such as: Homelessness challenge and a community challenge targeting Loneliness and Social Isolation

We have also assisted communities with developing new projects or facilities such as the Papworth Printworks development 

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