Impact Finance

Allia has been raising finance for positive impact since 1999. Today, we continue to bring together impact ventures and impact investors through two specialist organisations within the Allia group:

Allia Impact Finance arranges investment for impact ventures through bonds and share issues. If you are an organisation that needs to raise finance, please get in touch with Allia Impact Finance.

Allia Impact Investments is a special purpose issuer of unlisted bonds on behalf of charitable organisations. As a community benefit society it is permitted to offer bonds directly to the public.
Read more about Allia’s main programmes below.

Retail Charity Bonds

Allia created Retail Charity Bonds to enable charitable organisations to raise debt finance through bonds listed on London Stock Exchange. The platform was designed to reduce the transaction costs of issuing retail-eligible bonds, making it more affordable to connect with institutional and individual investors for amounts of £10 million or more… read more >

Charity mini bonds

Allia’s mini-bonds provide a way for charities to raise loan finance from their network of supporters. The bonds are issued and managed by Allia Impact Investments and the proceeds loaned on to the charity. Some of our current areas of focus are schools, churches and community housing… read more >

Scottish bonds

Allia manages a Scottish Government programme to provide finance for the development of new affordable housing in Scotland. The programme will draw down over £50 million of investment by the Government over two years… read more >