Do you have major capital plans that require loan finance? Are you looking to refinance existing debt?

Download our short guide to Retail Charity Bonds for housing associations

Retail Charity Bonds offer housing associations a simple alternative to bank borrowing. They offer the opportunity to raise unsecured, covenant-light loan finance at a fixed rate for 5-10 years. With listing on London Stock Exchange, a Retail Charity Bond can raise your organisation’s public profile and connect you with a new audience of high-net worth socially responsible investors. Previous issues include Hightown Housing Association (£27 million) and Golden Lane Housing (£11 million). Read more about these bonds in our Retail Charity Bonds guide, which briefly explains what they are and how they work.

Read more about Retail Charity Bonds, an alternative to bank borrowing for housing associations, in our short guide.

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“We were delighted the bond issue was so successful. Affordable homes are in very high demand in our area and it will help us fund the work we do in providing high quality homes to those who cannot afford to rent or buy at market prices.”

David Bogle, Chief Executive, Hightown Housing Association