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Allia Community Challenge – Ending Loneliness and Social Isolation

Loneliness is an issue that has or will affect most of us over our lifetimes.

In fact over eighty percent of people have experienced loneliness (Trapped in a bubble, Loneliness research, Co-op and British Red Cross, 2016).

Allia held one of its regular Community Challenges recently to help find solutions that solve aspects of loneliness and isolation within Cambridge. The challenge was led by world class facilitators, and brought together a wide range of people including people experiencing loneliness, entrepreneurs, faith groups and community organsiations.

Allia’s Community Challenge tackled the question “How can we support working aged Cambridge people to be less lonely and socially isolated?” which generated a range of ideas such as starting an outdoor activity based community aimed at single dads. The group also discussed how to welcome and integrate newcomers to Cambridge through a community based initiative plus they discussed the idea of a weekly meal and phone conversation to help people feel welcome.

Neil Prem Allia Head of Enterprise Engagement said:

“The entire project has been very successful. It demonstrated that within our community there are people with the talent, passion and creativity to solve our biggest problems. Allia’s aim with its Community Challenges are to create discussion and help spark ideas by pulling together social entrepreneurs, stakeholders and inspiring individuals and organisations, all under one roof at one time. We want to challenge perceptions and facilitate creative options focused on these critical social challenges. Big or small, local or national, these are very real challenges to our communities which we want to take a positive role in addressing. The insights that came out of interviewing so many people affected by loneliness and social isolation have allowed us to create solutions that are truly human centered. We are now looking to trial at least one of the ideas.”

If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to hear more about future Allia Community Challenges, please get in touch at