GreenSoul Project

The Allia Future Business Centre, in collaboration with Cambridge Cleantech, will be running a GreenSoul pilot starting in Autumn 2017.

GreenSoul is a European research project into energy efficiency in public buildings.

The project is centred around 6 pilot sites in public buildings in the UK, Spain and Austria.

The aim of the project is to create ‘energy engaged’ building users, tenants and managers. It does this through persuasive IoT technologies which provide feedback to users on good energy choices in their everyday use of a building and the energy consuming devices within it.

The ultimate aim of the pilots, the  Project and the research is to understand energy usage behaviours and create technologies (Apps, User Interfaces and engagement methodologies) that can be used as part of commercialised energy efficiency devices. This in turn contributes both to Europe’s economic strength and its drive to become a low carbon economy.

If you would like to know more about the project from either a research or commercial perspective please visit the website at: or follow us on twitter @GreensoulH2020