Cambridge Social Ventures (formerly Social Incubator East)

Growing social ventures in the East of England.


Do you have an idea for a social venture? Made a start but need a boost?

Social Incubator East is an intensive support programme for people with an ambition to set up or grow a business dedicated to making positive social impact.

It all starts with a Social Venture Weekend – two days of world class training provided by Cambridge Judge Business School. The weekend will help you refine your idea and develop your business plan and pitch. You’ll also have the opportunity to share and test your ideas with other start-ups and learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

If you and your idea have what it takes you’ll then be invited to join the Social Incubator East programme offering up to 12 months of further training, business support, loan finance and free workspace.

Who is it for?

The Social Venture Weekend is for you if:

  •  You want to start, or have recently started a business dedicated to making social impact
  • You’re ambitious to scale up and become investment or contract ready
  • You can commit to the Social Incubator East programme if invited to join and are looking to take loan finance to grow your business
  • You’re based in and operate mostly in England

What does it cost?

Thanks to Cabinet Office funding the Social Venture Weekend costs just £50 including catering. You’ll need to arrange your own accommodation in Cambridge if necessary.

If you’re invited to join the Social Incubator East programme, you’ll be asked to pay a further £100 for the follow-up three day training course. All other business support and workspace for up to 12 months is completely free.

How do I join or find out more?

Click here to go to the Cambridge Social Ventures website

For any further information please email us at

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