Connecting impact ventures
with impact investors

Allia Impact Finance works with impact ventures to help them access finance from impact investors.

An impact venture is an organisation with a core purpose of making a positive impact for people, planet or place. We support these organisations, particularly through dedicated bond-issuing platforms, to access the finance they need to grow and deliver their mission.

Retail Charity Bonds

Flexible, unsecured loan finance, starting from £10 million

A Retail Charity Bond is a new way to borrow for established charitable organisations that develop assets, generate revenue and create impact. It is designed to help borrowers in sectors like supported housing, care or education to access affordable finance and deliver their social mission.

With loans starting from £10 million, Retail Charity Bonds offer access to flexible finance on light terms, as well as the opportunity to engage with a wide audience of individual investors.

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Mini-bonds provide a way for charities to raise loan finance from their network of supporters. Our mini-bond platform keeps things simple by handling all the work of issuing and managing the bonds on your behalf. Some of our current areas of focus are schools, churches and community housing projects seeking to raise £1 million or more.

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Scottish Bonds



“We were delighted the bond issue was so successful. Affordable homes are in very high demand in our area and it will help us fund the work we do in providing high quality homes to those who cannot afford to rent or buy at market prices.”

David Bogle, Chief Executive, Hightown Housing Association

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