Retail Charity Bonds

Raising loans for charities from ethical investors

 Loans for charities from ethical investors

Retail Charity Bonds is a bond issuing platform created by Allia to provide loan finance for charities from ethical investors.

The platform offers a new way of raising medium-term, unsecured loan finance for established charities with strong credit worth. It offers a flexible, affordable alternative to bank debt as well as the opportunity to attract a new audience of ‘retail’ investors – individuals investing their own money.

There is strong demand from investors for listed retail eligible bonds with over £4.5 billion of retail bonds issued on London Stock Exchange over the last five years. There is also particular interest in ethical investment opportunities. Retail Charity Bonds now makes it possible for charities to connect with these investors.

Retail Charity Bonds offers charities:

  • Loans of between £10 and £50 million
  • Unsecured finance on flexible terms
  • Loan period of 5-10 years
  • Interest rate expected between 4-5%
  • Significant profile raising and engagement with a new audience of ethical retail investors
  • No repayment scheduled before maturity
  • Fixed legal costs
  • 3 month timetable
  • Management of all listing and compliance requirements

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